• CLIC U-PVC doors and windows was established in the year 2003.

• Offers top quality U-PVC doors and windows using the best quality of profile from VERATEC, Turkey.

• Accessories imported from WINKHAUS, Germany.

• CLIC U-PVC is a part of CLIC national Industries company with manufacturing facilities in Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

What is U-PVC?

• U-PVC (Unplasticized Poly-Vinyl Chloride) is a specially engineered compound of 30 year of research and is a compound of metallic stabilizers, meta-acrylate, titanium dioxide and poly-vinyl.

• It has become a primary substance in manufacturing of windows, doors and other building materials in the construction industry.

• Using a foamed cellular structure, it helps reduce the products weight as well as increases the thermal performance.

U-PVC Benefits

Maximum protection from sunlight and highly resistant to UV radiation

Highly resistant to humidity & corrosion

Quick to install

Long durability-no pitting, peeling, rotting, drying out

Sound proof and wind resistant

Non-flammable, shock resistant and non-conductor of electricity

Excellent insulator-dust proof

Virtually maintenance free

Easy to clean

Available in variety of colors and textures

Non-flammable, shock resistant and non-conductor of electricity

Long Warranty

Many Attractive designs

Environment friendly